February 2018 from client who has known NES for 18+ years during which we provided assistance for his customers; now he needed NES for post-remediation mold evaluation following a major leak in his Cape Cod home.

From: J&B S.
Sent: Thursday, February 8, 2018 1:05 PM
To: Dr. Bill Vaughan <nesinfo1@gmail.com>
Subject: Thank you thank you

You still do excellent work!


February 2018 from client selling his home while in San Diego and needing an attic inspection because of sheathing discoloration

From: Berry, J
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2018 4:40 PM
To: Dr. Bill Vaughan <nesinfo1@gmail.com>
Subject: RE: MEMO report from 33 Riverview Lane

Bill and Alex –

Exceptional – thanks for the thorough recap.

Best regards – Joe B


October 2017 from client utilizing radon services:

Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2017 2:48 PM

To: Nauset Environmental <nesinfo1@gmail.com>

Dr. Vaughan,

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Alex MacLellan and the mold/moisture assessment he did for me last week. He was quite thorough and very detailed in taking the time in explaining stuff to yours truly. I appreciated that a lot.

He gave me some great ideas and things to consider – and he also just put my mind at ease about what he didn’t find.

If asked (and I have been) I will heartily recommend your firm to friends and family.

Thanks for your help – and for your great sense of humor. When I’m next in your neighborhood (tell me your business address) I’d like to stop in and say hello.



From: Laura M

Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2016 12:44 PM

To: Nauset Environmental <nesinfo1@gmail.com>

NES project was a follow-up to an effort by a mold remediation company that did not address the mold issues adequately and gave incomplete and inaccurate advice and even missed the mold issues in the basement.

Dr. Vaughan and his team of incredibly talented, bright, and professional individuals are, to date, the best investment I have ever made. When a problem within our home surfaced we quickly realized that individuals who operate within the field of “mold remediation” have zero actual education on the science and factors that play into being able to adequately “diagnose and advise” on actual issue(s) at play – the bigger the issue that they convince you that you have, the more money they make off you. They are biased and they have no scientific/technical education to responsibly advise you on decisions that affect your health.

The field of Mold Remediation sadly lacks government mandates that qualify a “mold remediator” capable of advising you on issues that not only affect the state of your Home but, most importantly, the health and safety of the people who live in it.

What we needed was an unbiased “big picture” perspective – we needed an actual expert, a scientist, an Indoor Environment professional who was a vetted, certified, legal expert that could tell us exactly “Why we had the problem,” “What consequences it could have,” and “How to solve it.”

Dr. Vaughan was incredibly patient with the countless questions we had – was always available to take my calls even after hours and gave us a clear understanding based on unbiased data he and his team collected within my home through appropriat testing. He truly saved our biggest financial investment but gave us assurance that the steps we needed to take were exactly what was needed.

I will be forever grateful for Dr. Vaughan and his team and would tell anyone that consulting with him would be one of the best decisions they could ever make.


Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2016 11:05 PM
Subject: Re: Follow Up and Question

Thank you Dr. Vaughan.  As always, I sincerely appreciate your advice!

Nancy, L


Testimonial - '1608========================================================

After responding to a July 2014 request from the Dukes County Regional Housing Authority (Martha’s Vineyard) to evaluate a situation in a tenant’s apartment and issuing a report on our findings, NES received the following message:

From: David Vigneault

Sent: Monday, August 04, 2014

Dr. Vaughan,

 Thanks again for all of your help. It is always a relief to be able to avail ourselves of your expertise in these situations.

David Vigneault, Executive Director (Dukes County Regional Housing Authority)


See our reviews on Angie’s List if you are a member.


★★★★★5.0 04/27/2013
Reviewed by Kathleen H. in Centerville, MA
Project: Test or Evaluate Asbestos Risks
Comments: Dr. Vaughan was terrific. I’m a Realtor and had a Seller whose home might have had asbestos. We were in the middle of a transaction with multiple offers on her property and Dr. Bill Vaughan came to the RESCUE. He was returning from an asbestos seminar off Cape, met me at exit 6 at Burger King, reviewed the sample, it looked like asbestos. He drove it to the FEDEX at exit 7 and shipped it overnight to the laboratory requesting a 6 hour turn around. By next afternoon, we had the terrific results that although it looked like it, it had no asbestos!!!!! 🙂 I highly recommend Nauset Environmental.


After an insurance inspector suggested that mold conditions were not acceptable, NES was called in to inspect a house and found limited mold but extensive soot from a heater.  The report reviewed observations, explained what was found  and suggested a cleanup approach (see sample report 3-1392 web MMI+soot+SOW.RPT in NES reports)


From: A&J]
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2013 17:18
To: nesinfo@capecod.com
Subject: Re: Mold/soot inspection report

Dear Dr. Vaughan,

You most certainly “WOWED” us with your report!  Thank you for all the thoroughness with which you addressed each issue and the most timely fashion in which you presented it to us.  We very much appreciate all your efforts.

Thank you so much–A&J


After carrying out a mold/moisture inspection at a family member’s house with a focus on attic conditions, NES received this message:

Sent: Saturday, December 01, 2012 08:13
To: ‘Nauset Environmental Services, Inc.’

Dr Vaughan,

Thank you very much for the great detailed report and the great job you did for us.

You are always a real pleasure to deal with plus you’re smart as hell !

Thanks again,

Paul R


Alex MacLellan assessed the conditions following a leak in a second floor unit of a condo and developed a Scope of Work for the remediation.  Then then carried out the post-remediation verification inspection and sampling.  Here is the client’s message:


Note from client – February 2012

Dear Dr. Vaughan,

I wanted to thank you and Alex for the invaluable help you have provided to us. I am extremely thankful to have had you referred to me. While I would prefer to not have to go through another ordeal like this, if I ever find myself in need of any of the services you provide I wouldn’t dream of going with another company. You have been extremely informative, timely, concise, patient and kind. I will refer anyone who might need your particular type of expertise to Nauset Environmental.

Thanks again!
The S-G Family

April 2012

Thank you again for all of your help. I’m hoping we don’t need you anymore, but not because you aren’t fabulous and pleasant, just because I’d like a normal house!



[Post-remediation, post-remediation verification]