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Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that emanates from geological materials – rocks, shale, sand (=ground up rock) – that contain deposits of uranium and radium.  Since these materials are radioactive they naturally decay.  At one point in the decay process, radon gas is produced.

Being a gas it moves in response to pressure differentials and towards lower pressure.  Since a building/house is often under negative pressure due to the operation of exhaust fans, loss of oxygen and hot gases up & out the flue of a furnace, the “stack effect” by which warm air rises leaving a reduced pressure on lower levels of a structure where it is contact with the ground and geological materials, etc. radon can be drawn into a building.

Since EPA indicates that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, it urges that ALL residences be screened for radon.   If that screening indicates that radon levels are above the EPA’s “action level,” EPA urges that action be taken to reduce the radon levels, usually by active sub-slab ventilation – see the EPA’s radon site.

If you are considering buying a home or selling your home, you can obtain guidance on the issue of radon in that transaction the EPA’s Home Buyers’ and Sellers’ Guide to Radon.

[For further information on the health impact of radon, you might want to check out the web site for Cancer Survivors Against Radon (CanSAR) – www.CanSAR.org.]


The Massachusetts Perspective

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Department of Public Health (DPH) has issued a position paper on radon called “Massachusetts Radon Facts.”  They also carried out a state-wide survey of 1,650 homes that found that Barnstable County (Cape Cod) had 15% of its homes over the EPA Action Level.  That’s 1 in every 6-7 homes on the Cape.  How is that possible??

Well, as is known and stated above, radon comes from rocks containing uranium and radium as those materials go through radioactive decay.  During the Ice Age granite and ledge were pushed by the glaciers off the mainland to form the terminal moraines that are foundation of the Cape Cod peninsula.

During the overall process and with action of water, some of those rocks were ground up to form sand.            SO!        Radon comes from rocks AND sand is really ground up rocks with a large surface area compared to the original rocks.  So it is  not too surprising, when you think about it, that the Cape would have sources of radon, just like the mainland.

Why use Nauset Environmental Services for Radon Screening????

Timely resultssame day e-mail/FAX reporting (after end of 2-5 day screening)

Accurate readingsNES’s electrets passed an EPA radon chamber challenge in December 2016 with an average electret chamber reading within 1.6% of the true chamber radon value.

E-Perm electret devices (right click on links to open in New Window) are read on-Cape for timely, accurate results

  • Only one screening with multiple electrets is needed to meet EPA guidance –
  • Statistical confidence in one-time data, no need for a second test
  • No potential for interference from Seller or Agent during a second test


  • American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) & National Radon Safety Board (NRSB).
    • CURRENT CREDENTIALS ARE IMPORTANT!  {See links under radon credentials.}
    • They indicate a person cares about remaining current on latest industry information & insights
    • Have demonstrated that their sensing devices ARE CALIBRATED, so accurate information is provided
  • Know how/where/when to place devices to meet EPA criteria
  • Cooperation Agreement signing required by Seller or Agent
  • Inspection of closed house conditions before and after
  • Labels and anti-tamper warning signs placed and explained
  • Knowledgeable person present at pickup – NOT an un-credentialed party, possibly with an interest in the transaction
  • Understand issues & answer questions (no need for referrals)
  • Educational material from EPA provided to Seller and Buyer

NES is there “from beginning to end”.

  • Neutral third party provides defendable data from calibrated devices

Very few Cape professionals are “listed” with EPA – AARST or NRSB. {See links under radon credentials.}

Check web pages to be sure the person you are considering has current credentials (right click on link and Open in New Window) – www.radongas.org or www.nrsb.org

  • Avoid conflict of interest from

Listing/Buyers Agent – not trained for pick-up, no EPA credentials, has vested interest

Seller – signature not to interfere with 1st test, tempted to tamper with a 2nd test

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