FREE mold inspections — REALLY??

There are companies who offer “FREE” mold inspections – right??             But who are they?

Most (not all) of those companies are mold remediators whose business is to carry out mold clean-ups and their “FREE” inspections are a toe-in-the-door to market their clean-up services.  Might there be a conflict of interest here??

Some even offer to have a follow-up inspection that “guarantees” their work was done successfully – BUT by whom??           A person with a business/employment association with the company??        OR     An independent professional??

Keep in mind that there are independent, professional indoor environmental inspection services that provide inspections for a fee BUT have no interest in marketing you additional clean-up services you or your client may not need.  Their goal is to provide objective information and perspective.

For example is that “suspect visible mold,” really mold?                   Is it in the occupied space?     Is it likely to be releasing mold spores into the air – THE exposure route for health impacts?                        OR is it cosmetic staining perhaps “in the grain of the plywood” with little chance of spore release?                  Did the person who indicated that you had a “problem” and needed remediation have mold inspection credentials or did he/she have mold remediation credentials – there is different training and certification for each activity!       Remember the old adage that “To someone with a hammer, most problems look like nails!”

Consider an independent environmental professional for these inspection services, such as Nauset Environmental Services, Inc., known for our independent evaluation of conditions with a focus on reducing negative health impacts, NOT marketing for any clean-up activities.  Check out our professional credentials on the tab above and request a menu of services and prices as needed.