Following sewer backups, ruptures or leaks the resulting bacterial contamination (“black water,” or  “Category 3” in the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration’ s S500’s Standard and Guideline) poses threats to human health.  Cleaning by professionals must adequately address the proper removal of the infectious bacteria (i.e. bacteria that can reproduce if they enter a human thus causing an infection).


Bacteria are also the first organisms to grow and develop colonies following a leak, sometime providing food/organic matter for subsequent mold growth.  Hence they support the need for a quick and thorough response to dry building materials and contents to avoid both bacterial and mold colony formation.


NES services

NES can sample surfaces with swabs (similar to large Q-tips) or wipes (sterile pads) and send the samples to the lab for screening/culturing to determine which bacteria are alive/active on a surface.  These services can check on the success/adequacy of clean-up services and provide objective documentation for adequate cleaning.

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