Alex MacLellan’s Resume & Credentials


 Alexander D MacLellan, CRMI

Senior Field Technician

 Education:     Boston College BA, School of Education – 1975 (certified to teach English in Massachusetts, Ohio and Colorado

Walsh Jesuit High School Class of 1971


Professional History:

Nauset Environmental Services, Inc. (NES)       2008-present    Senior Field Technician, CRMI

Nauset Environmental Services Inc.                   2005-2008       Field Technician I


Professional Experience:

Field Technician I (2005-2008) – Assisted with residential and institutional mold inspections from 2005 to 2008.  Inspections ranged from residences, school buildings, office buildings, motels and medical buildings. Guidance and instruction on conducting indoor air quality (IAQ) investigations has been provided by Nauset Environmental Services, Inc. founder and President William M Vaughan, PhD, QEP, CEIC .

Senior Field Technician (2008-Present) – IAQ (Indoor air quality) investigations at more than 700 sites in the area, most since 2008.  Mold/Moisture Investigations or what NES calls a “sensory inspection” involving eye and nose observations and the use of hand-held instrumentation such as Tramex “Moisture Encounter Plus” moisture meter and Extech Temperature/Relative Humidity probe to determine indoor climate conditions, water intrusion points, moist conditions that lead to biological growth related to odors and ultimately answering the question. Is there a “health risk” in the living space?


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Mold credentials:  My professional training (2-year process) consisted of field work for Nauset Environmental and 32.5 hours of class time at IAQ Training Institute.  Then my credits for certification and prior field experience were reviewed by the independent American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC), I was designated a Council-certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI) –Certificate number 0604036 in April 2008.  Maintaining the CRMI credential since then involved attending several annual meetings of the indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and related courses for Continuing Education (CE) credits on a two-year cycle.

As a Senior Field Technician and CRMI my overall responsibilities include carrying out mold and odor-related investigations involving air sampling, swab and tape lift sampling along with interpretation of the test data received from the laboratory.  I am responsible for writing the reports that provide guidance for cleanup and remediation based on test data and site observations.  Suggesting preventive measures is also a very important aspect of the inspection procedure.  Other experiences include learning about advanced whole air SUMMA canister sampling and performing that method of testing for vapors and air toxins.

Radon Credentials:  After successfully completing Spruce Environmental Technologies “Residential Radon Measurement Course” in January 2007, I have been “listed” as a Residential Measurement Provider – Number 104426 RT – under the EPA’s National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP).  After initial certification continuing education have maintained that credential bi-annually completing Radon and Measurement courses through The New England Chapter of The American Association of Radon Scientist and Technologists Inc. (AARST) to the present.

Asbestos Credentials:  In January of 2017 I completed the initial Asbestos Inspector training through the Institute of Environmental Education becoming an Asbestos Inspector, AHERA Certificate Number 17-0297-102-267803.  Prior to required classroom training, I have accompanied Dr. Vaughan since April 2015 on residential and commercial building asbestos inspections assisting with collecting and documentation of samples and eventually writing reports from those investigations.



Mold inspectionADM CRMI to '1804CRMI through April 2018


ADM AARST-RMPP to 180430NRPP-RMP through June 2018

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Massachusetts Asbestos Inspector thru April 2018

Massachusetts Asbestos Inspector thru April 2018


EPA AHERA Asbestos Inspector through Jan 2018

EPA AHERA Asbestos Inspector through Jan 2018

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