IAQ Resources



US Environmental Protection Agency:

Molds – www.epa.gov/iaq/molds [provides link to mold resources]

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: http://www.cdc.gov/mold/dampness_facts.htm

Minnesota Department of Health:  Mold in Homes



The Mold Survival Guide for Your Home and Health

by Jeff & Connie May (Johns Hopkins University Press, May 2004)

+ “Ten Tips to Surviving Mold in New England”      at  http://www.mayindoorair.com/

“What you need to know about mold” – a list of resources from a building and health perspective – http://www.buildingscience.com/resources/more-topics/mold/

Mold Abatement:

“Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation – S520 (2015),” revised in August 2008 by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) – www.iicrc.org – and meeting American National Standards Institute (ANSI) consensus criteria.

Mold Action Guide – http://www.inspect-ny.com/sickhouse/action.htm

Allergist, Dr. John Santilli:         www.allergyCT.com

Asthma:       www.asthmamoms.com



EPA’s radon web site – www.epa.gov/radon has general information as well as publications – “The Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon,” “Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction.”

Information on the person impact from radon is available from Cancer Survivors Against Radon – www.CanSAR.org



IAQ –  http://www.epa.gov/iaq/ [includes “Healthy Indoor Air for US Homes”]

My House is Killing Me by Jeff May (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001)


NES cooperates with other environmental professionals to address those areas of the indoor environment that NES does not deal with directly.

  • For lead paint issues NES coordinates with Paula Prior (508-963-2323), a Massachusetts Licensed Lead Paint Inspector with many years of experience – www.PriorEnvironmental.com
  • For pest concerns (e.g. insects, rodents, etc.)  there are several pest control/inspection companies on the Cape to choose from and NES urges clients to evaluate those options available, checking references.   NES has utilized the services of and coordinates with Fowler & Sons – Termite & Pest control (508-771-2847) – www.fowlerandsonsinc.com.

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