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Here is a link to Dr. Vaughan’s peer-reviewed article, “Condition 2 Settled Spores: Case Studies examine a Method to Improve Their Detection & Removal,” Journal of Cleaning, Restoration and Inspection, Volume 2, #5, (October 2015).  Paired quiet and disturbed  (Q/D) spore trap samples help detect these invisible contaminants and the “air polishing” technique efficiently removes those spores found.

IICRC Journal October 2015 Feature – Condition 2


To present a current real world example of the techniques covered in the article and sidebar The following two links are to reports from two Post-Remediation Verification (PRV) investigation and one house with significant water and mold damage from a winter burst pipe on the main floor:

  • The PRV1 report was from NES‘s first visit to the site where the two levels, primarily the basement) had been “treated” with some form of chemical spray by an earlier insurance company-approved remediator.
  • The PRV2 report follows the use of the “air polishing” technique by reputable company who knows how to follow NES’s SOW involving “air polishing.”  For the PRV2 effort, they carried out only those activities with no chemical treatment.

There are highlights in the reports to remind folks that NES came on the scene when IICRC-S520 had not been followed which calls for physical removal of IICRC Condition 3 (visible/hidden) mold growth and Condition 2 (settled spore).  Table 2 has highlights that show the results from our initial paired sampling showing failure to meet NES‘s PRV goals (blue highlights) on both levels, worse, by far, in the basement.

In the PRV2 report its Table 2 shows the dramatic improvement from spore trap results at the sample locations used for the PRV1 evaluation .  In the PRV2 NES adds Table 3 that summarizes and compares the spore trap results from the two PRV investigations, showing a 67-99+% reduction in total spores along with 90-100% reduction in Aspergillus/Penicillium-like spores that are the moisture/leak indicators.  All that improvement as a result of carrying out “air polishing.”   [NOTE:  “Air polishing” uses no chemicals, hence there is little to no impact on chemically sensitive clients.]

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PRV1 public RPT

PRV2 public RPT

Here is a link to Dr. Vaughan’s talk – “Air Scrubbers are NOT like Dehumidifiers – So What?” [Presented at the 16th Annual Meeting of the Indoor Air Quality Association (February 2013), also a brief sidebar in the Journal article above.]    [Right click on link and select “open link in New Window.”]

IAQA#16 FINAL2 Air Scrubbers are NOT like Dehumidifiers talk


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