Sample NES reports


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Post-remediation verification (PRV) inspection report following second floor leak and timely response and drying.  After a successful PRV visual/olfactory inspection and normal spore trap sampling, NES‘s method of paired spore trap sampling (quiet/fan-disturbed) revealed significant Condition 2, settled spore contamination at most locations – hence PRV failure .  This finding lead to a follow-on Scope of Work (SOW) to address the Settled Spore Contamination in the second round of remediation:

Web – PRV failure + SOW


Report for sellers who wanted a professional mold/moisture inspection after a home inspection with no mold training or credentials had raised cold concerns.

Pre-sale Mold-Moisture Inspection.RPT


A home inspection indicated concerns regarding dark staining in roof sheathing.  NES was retained to provide a professional perspective.

Attic mold concerns


Report from a house that had limited visible mold growth but did have extensive soot contamination:



Report from a simple mold/moisture inspection:

NES#1 – Simple inspection with suggestions


Following a leak from a washer in a second floor apartment, the parents of the tenant below the leak requested an inspection and sampling above the ceiling to determine if mold growth had developed.  A Scope of Work (SOW) resulted.

Ceiling moisture inspection with cavity sampling


A church building that had been unused for a few years needed a pre-purchase inspection to address mold problems and address issues found in a Scope of Work (SOW)

Vacant building inspection with a SOW to address mold issues


Report from a house where a hot water leak had heavily impacted a basement and first floor.  NES had carried out an initial inspection and baseline sampling while preparing a SOW.  This report was from the first round of post-remediation verification (PRV) sampling to see if the remediation was successful.  [See how data are presented and how pre-post data sets are evaluated.]

NES#5 PRV failure


Report from a house where a second round of remediation was required and found marginally successful.

PRV2 report

[Post-remediation, post-remediation verification]