Photo Gallery

Here are some examples of conditions we have encountered.


De-humidification IS important!!  Compare this basement in 2007 and 2012.

Feb 2007 conditions in a hall after an inadequate cleanup – looking toward rear room

November 2012 conditions in rear room after 5.5 years with NO DE-HUMIDIFICATION

November 2012 conditions in adjacent entertainment room after 5.5 years with NO DE-HUMIDIFICATION


What happens if you ignore a leak around a chimney??

Bedroom after a baseboard heater spewed hot water for many days.

NO – That is not pretty green wallpaper!! It is mold growth in a foreclosed house after the bank shut off the electricity and the necessary dehumidification!!

See what happens when winds blow off the water to a motel where there is poor installation of the exterior panels and mold develops in the paste behind the vinyl wallpaper!

Failed roof over a family room that led to extensive mold growth – Do ya think??

The same family room after a remediator followed NES’s Scope of Work