About Dr. Vaughan

William M. Vaughan, PhD, QEP, CIEC

President and Principal Scientist


University of Illinois, PhD Biophysics (1969), MS Physics (1967)

Wittenberg University, BS Physics (1964)

Professional History:

Nauset Environmental Services, Inc.            1998-present            Founder, President

Remote Sensing≡Air, Inc.                                1992-2007                Founder, President

Environmental Solutions, Inc.                         1987-1999                 Founder, President

AeroVironment, Inc.                                         1985-1987                  Mgr, Mid­west Operations

Environmental Measurements, Inc.               1974-1985                  Vice President, Services

Professional Experience:

Managed projects for more than 25 years for wide-ranging environmental studies of air quality (ambient and indoor), hazardous contamination of property, and releases of air toxins to the per­imeter of sites (including two dioxin sites).  Projects ranged in size from a few hundred to several million dollars.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) credentials:  “Listed” as an EPA radon Residential Measurement Service provider since 1988 (currently NRSB #SS14 and NEHA #100848).  Accredited as an EPA AHERA Asbestos Inspector since 1988 and Massachusetts Asbestos Inspector (AI 040812) from 1998.  American Council for Accredited Certification:  Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE -#0608031) 2006-2008, Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC #0608032) 2006-present – see www.acac.org).

Air Quality Program Manager at Otis Air National Guard Base (Oct ‘00 through Mar ’06)) where he supervised the Base’s DEP CPA air permit, revised various air-related management plans, conducted IAQ studies and served as a scientific resource.

Taught “Introduction to Air Quality Issues” (Spring 2000) as an Adjunct Professor at Cape Cod Community College.

Recognized by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (Pittsburgh, PA) since 1994 as a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) for his then 20+ years of multi-media environmental services.

Founded Environmental Solutions, Inc. (ES) in 1987 to offer affordable environmental services to clients in the St. Louis area as well as those across the nation (e.g. banks, realtors, large and small corporations, and homeowners).  Recognized in the St. Louis area as a leading IAQ professional.  He and his staff completed over 4,000 home radon surveys and dozens of business and school radon surveys from 1987 through 1999.

Founded Nauset Environmental Services, Inc. (NES) in 1997 to provide IAQ services to southeast Massachusetts and New England.  He and his staff have carried out IAQ investigations at over 3,000 sites in the area, most since 2003.

Active at the national and local levels of the Air and Waste Management Association from 1975 through 1997.

Dr. Vaughan also serves on the Indoor Environment Standards Organization (IESO) writing committee that is preparing a residential assessment Standard – Initial Residential Mold Assessment Standard – to provide guidance to indoor environmental professionals.  He has served in that capacity for more than 7 years since the work began in Jun 2007.

In March 2013 he has was elected to serve on the IESO’s Board of Directors directing the preparation of other guidance for indoor environment professionals.

Authored more than 45 technical articles and reports on environmental issues ranging from radiation sensitivity and water quality to indoor air quality (including environmental tobacco smoke measurements and mold investigations), urban dispersion long range transport of pollutants, and remote sensing measurements.

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