Nauset Environmental Services, Inc. [508-247-9167 or 800-931-1151]


Mission Statement

 To empower clients to address and solve their indoor environment problems/concerns (mold, radon, asbestos, etc) whenever possible

To investigate the indoor environment and provide clear, objective advice (reports) without conflict of interest

To address health concerns and suggest solutions

To maintain professional credentials so clients receive the best, technically based advice


Nauset Environmental Services, Inc. (NES) is the top indoor air quality (IAQ) consulting company for Cape Cod, the Islands and southern New England.  We have exceeded 2,300 sites inspected or evaluated and almost those same number of clients served since 1998 and are proud to have a proven track record of success and satisfaction (see Testimonials).

Dr. William Vaughan, PhD, QEP, CIEC (see “About Dr. Vaughan” for professional details) and his staff are ready and willing to address your residential and/or commercial indoor environment concerns on wide-ranging indoor topics – mold/moisture, radon, asbestos, odors, formaldehyde and more.  They maintain independently certified professional credentials through continuing education, workshops, technical meetings, committee work, etc. (see Credentials) and are considered mold specialists.

NES‘s reports are thorough and clearly presented so that the layperson can understand what has been found and what the implications are for follow-up activities (see Reports).  NES DOES NOT just send you a copy of a lab report with canned phrases written by lab personnel who were never at your site.  Our reports are site-specific so that you do not have to puzzle over what was really found.

We look forward to assisting you in addressing and solving your unique indoor environment concerns!


NES also serves the IAQ and remediation industries with an innovative approaches to determining the presence of settled mold spores and suggesting procedures to ensure improved remediation (see Articles).

Dr. Vaughan also serves on the Indoor Environment Standards Organization (IESO) Initial Residential Mold Assessment Standard writing committee that is preparing a residential Standard to provide guidance to the industry as a whole.  He has served in that capacity for more than 7 years since the work began in Jun 2007.

In March 2013 he has was elected to serve on the IESO’s Board of Directors directing the preparation of  other guidance for indoor environment professionals.


NES has been conducting Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and modified ESAs (modified 21Es and Transaction Transaction Screens – ASTM E1528) in New England since 1998, building on almost a decade of experience providing these services in St. Louis (see Site Assessments).


NES cooperates with other environmental professionals to address those areas of the indoor environment that NES does not deal with directly.

  • For lead paint issues NES coordinates with Fred Hemmila (508-888-8378), a Massachusetts Licensed Lead Paint Inspector with many years of experience –
  • For pest concerns (e.g. insects, rodents, etc.)  there are several pest control/inspection companies on the Cape to choose from and NES urges clients to evaluate those options available, checking references.   NES has utilized the services of and coordinates with Fowler & Sons – Termite & Pest control (508-771-2847) –